Football Senior Pictures

Football Senior Pictures, why they’re special

Today as I was packaging up a Senior Portrait order of a Brighton High School Varsity Football player I thought how amazing it is that we were able to capture images of him on his Home Football Field, The Dog Pound!

I thought about how his children and his grandchildren are going to look at his heirloom album and ask him about the pictures.  He’ll be able to tell them about his senior year and what it was like on the field.  The antics of his friends, the craziness of the fans,  the thrill when they won, the sadness when they lost.  That special conversation will stem just from looking at an album with images that were created specially for “dad” or “grandpa”

For me, this is why I am a photographer.  My mission is to create unique, personalized images, images that my clients want to preserve in an heirloom album or on a beautiful canvas to hang on their wall.  I want your grandchildren’s children to see your images and get a sense of who you were during this special time.  I don’t want your images sitting in a drawer, on a cd or thumb drive. Technology changes so fast, who knows if you’ll be able to view them in 20 years.   I want them printed by a professional lab, who I know will reproduce the color and depth that I imagined when I so lovingly captured and processed your images.


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