That special day for all of us moms is fast approaching, soon I know what I’ll be asked.  Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?  My answer will be, oh just your love.. but what I’m really thinking.  I want a picture of me and my mom!  I go through old photographs and wonder where all the pictures of my mom are.  The one’s I find, I cherish, whether they are like the polaroid hanging on my fridge, that depicts my mom at her sewing machine (the same sewing machine that I now have)… or if they’re the ones of her at my wedding (this is the only professional image of me and my mom).  Here’s the thing, she’s getting older, I almost lost her earlier this year, a scary prospect, one that I’ve been thinking about more and more.  So what I really want for this Mother’s day is two things:

  1. I want a professional portraits of me and my mom (I’m going to try my hardest to convince her), one that I can cherish and one that my kids can look at and remember their grandma!
  2. I want professional portraits of me and my own kids…printed

Too often I’m behind the camera, not because I’m a professional photographer but because I’m a mom, I want to preserve and document the memories of my three amazing boys. I want to remember what they look like, what their accomplishments were, how goofy they are!

But this Mother’s Day I want to be in front of the camera, not behind.  I  don’t want my boys to go through photos on a phone or computer that will probably crash and wonder WHERE’S MOM?  I want them to have images of me holding them, where they can see the love in my eyes.  I want to preserve and document our relationship. I want these beautiful works of art printed and displayed in my home so when they are being little monsters I can look at them and remember how much I’d miss them if I strangled them 😉

I offer you a challenge this Mother’s Day, Heck.. this Year!  Pass your camera off to someone else, professional photographer or your husband, document you and the relationship you have with your kids.  Don’t worry about your wrinkles, the extra fluff, that your makeup isn’t perfect…your children don’t see “flaws” they see mom, and mom is beautiful!


I invited my friend Sarah into the studio to capture her and her triplets, like a typical mom she is always behind the camera.  We went for simple, no worrying about purchasing new outfits and coordinating everything.. Simple black and white tanks… Sometimes the simplest images are the best!




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